Amazonas is a journey into the mysteries, myths and bizarre tales of life on the Amazon River. Tales as diverse as the flora and fauna of the region, from Curupiru whose feet grow backward in order to confound it’s hunters, to the pink dolphin who transform into enchanting seducers, to great warrior chiefs who rise from the dead in order to fight the evils that threaten the forest. It is a river journey into the heart and soul of a region steeped in folklore, which culminates in an annual 3-day festival in the jungle that is one of the world’s greatest unknown parties.

ManausAfter six months of rain the river flows at its highest level, forty feet higher than before the rains and for three days the people of the Amazon rain forest will dance, celebrate the joy of life, re-enact a generations-old rivalry and celebrate life on the World's most famous River.

In Manaus we board our gaiola, a three-tiered wooden riverboat, and stake claim to a small bit of space by hanging our hammocks from the rafters. Along with the rest of the passengers we journey down river to an island on the southern banks of the Amazon called Tupinambarana, to the town of Parintins where every year a 3-day festival takes place to celebrate the music and folklore of the region. With the beautiful imagery of the rainforest as a backdrop and the power of the rhythmic music of Toadas as a soundtrack, Amazonas tells the stories of the people and the creatures of the Rainforest.

Amazonas is a story about the stories, a journey into the mysteries that make this region of the world so unique and special. A journey to discover why these stories are kept alive by the people who live here and why they are so important to the world today.

Party in ParintinsIn Amazonas the tales come to life through music, dance and theater performed like nowhere else on earth. During the 3-day festival hundreds of dancers, musicians and artisans come together to tell the tales again with extravagant moving stages and passionate music and dance that will leave the audience both breathless and wanting more.

For 3 days every year the forest erupts into a frenzy of sound and vision in a celebration of passion and life. This is your invitation to experience something extraordinary from the heart of the Rainforest.