About Amazonas

Amazonas is a journey into the mysteries, myths and bizarre tales of life on the Amazon River. Tales as diverse as the flora and fauna of the region, from Curupiru whose feet grow backward in order to confound it’s hunters, to the pink dolphin who transform into enchanting seducers, to great warrior chiefs who rise from the dead in order to fight the evils that threaten the forest. It is a river journey into the heart and soul of a region steeped in folklore, which culminates in an annual 3-day festival in the jungle that is one of the world’s greatest unknown parties.

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Rui's Story

“Many years ago the natives were celebrating the Saint’s party. People were drinking beer, eating barbeque, dancing. Musicians were playing their instruments. And the island sunk. All the people died.”
River BoatRui is a thick brown man with a round face and a permanent smile that reveals evenly spaced, tombstone shaped teeth. He speaks with a deliberate, well-practiced cadence in a voice just loud enough to be heard above the groans of the Howler monkeys who are greeting the dawn along the banks of the Rio Negro. Our motorized canoe cuts through the black water as Rui tells the tale of Contagolo, a legendary island further upriver.
“When we pass near this place, we can hear the people talking, people laughing, but we do not see the people.” There is a slight tilt to his head, a twinkle in his eye. “They became…dolphins.”
Amazonas is a journey down the Amazon River in search of legendary creatures which, after a lengthy boat trip, finds us in a small town in the middle of the rainforest where we come face to face with Curupiru, the “grandfather of the forest”, Iara, the “siren of the waters”, and a host of menacing creatures as well as the Boto, the enchanted pink dolphin who can transform into a beautiful human being.